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Beginner Guide: How To Take Captivating Pictures With Paper Shoot Camera?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

(To read this article in Vietnamese, please click here| Đọc bài chia sẻ bằng tiếng Việt, tại đây).

Besides being innovative and easy-to-use, the world's first eco-friendly camera that Paper Shoot offers you the chance to practice your Lomography skill and gain 'Gatsby-like' pictures of your moment. Here're some basic guides to help you capture your expectation:


Despite being a "Point & Shoot" Camera (also known as "Don't Think, Just Shoot" amongst Lomography lovers), Paper Shoot uniquely has 4 different filters for a photographer to choose from Classic LOMO, Black and White, Sepia, and Blue. Additionally, while you connect the camera with an extended electric source (such as portable batteries), you will enable time-lapse & 10-sec full HD video recorder from our current camera version.


(first option from the left)

Classic Lomography Filter from World First Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot Vietnam


(second option from the left)

Black & White Filter from World First Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot Vietnam Classic Lomography Filter from World First Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot Vietnam


(third option from the left)

Sepia Filter from World First Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot Vietnam


(last option from the left)

Blue Filter from World First Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot Vietnam

Once you connected the camera with an extended power source (such as power bank), Blue filter (the 4th option from the left) will automatically become 10 sec Full HD video & sound recorder with background music.

And Sepia filter (the 3rd option from the left) will automatically become a time-lapse function.

This is specially dedicated to you from Paper Shoot's Product Development team for you to carry on making your memories while all the best moments are saved!


It's important to learn that our camera is preferred to highlight your brightness!

To us, this is a special effect that Paper Shoot Camera offer to you, so that each of the moment you save is sparkling.

Lomography filter from World's First Eco-friendly Camera: Paper Shoot Vietnam
Highlight & Soft-light from Paper Shoot Camera

If you pay close attention to the above pictures, you would see that the Paper Shoot lens prefers to capture the light brightness of sunlight and highlight areas. This gives you as the memories collectors/ photographers to gain a classic yet dynamic experience that seems to be compared to once upon a time during the golden age decades.

Let the unexpected outcome of the photos mirroring on your lomography skills!

World First Eco-Friendly Camera, great photos with contrast
Comparing Contrast on 4 filters of Paper Shoot Camera

Besides highlight adjustment that the world's first eco-friendly camera is offering to you, Paper Shoot also suggests you explore the contrast every time you take a photo. The contrast here is not only meant to be a difference in lighting but also refers to the contrary happening within the background setting, which the result will help you to emphasize on how beautifully quaint your photo can be!

'Playing with contrast' is a suggestion to capture simple yet extraordinary moments when the model or an object stand out from the crowd - a moment that's we would not normally see and do!



Fish eyes lens is used when you would like to capture moments that buzzing busy, or moment that of long future ahead. To us, the specialty that given by fish-eyes lens to Paper Shooter a representative moment for the beginning of something new, something transformative.


Wide angle is best to capture the moment that makes such an impression of 'the sky is the limit'. This special lens from Paper Shoot will help you to gather the widest picture of amazing, outstanding scenery that's in front of you.


Iconic. Creative. Look at life in a different lens is what Six Prism from Paper Shoot lens does.

This is 'One-of-a-kind' statement to the perspective of life, 'grab-and-go' magnetic lens work well to help the photographer to emphasize the main object in the frame with different angles in just one click.


Futuristic looking, flashback memories are the feels that you get from the radio effect lens from Paper Shoot. It is promising to be such an interesting photography experience for Paper Shooter to capture 'the invisible'!

How to capture radio effect with Paper Shoot?

Radio effect refers to "Radio waves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum longer than infrared light. Radio waves have the ability to pass through the atmosphere, foliage, and most building materials, and diffraction can bend around obstructions."

So how can you capture the feels of something that invisible yet so real? Like radio waves, the love, the void, the fear and the joy are all invisibly happening around us.

Let's Paper Shoot's Radio Effects Lens help you to capture it!


It's important to us that our community of Paper Shooter live their best lives and take a pause from technology screens and gain the grand moments for themselves.

Just like the famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt said: “It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter”.

So put yourself out there and take your Paper Shoot Camera with you as you go! Let's be conscious and spread your idea of creativity with the World's Eco-friendly Camera - Paper Shoot!

Remember that community of Paper Shooter is always welcome to share your grand stories and moments with us on Facebook Group here.

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