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For those who love photography, Paper Shoot camera is a companion with many unique features, expressing each person's individual personality. With the advantages of being compact, durable, convenient and user-friendly, Paper Shoot camera is increasingly winning the hearts of young people. However, sometimes there are errors with Paper Shoot camera results from the battery or memory card.

Paper Shoot camera

This blog will show you how to fix a few common errors that even those who have used Paper Shoot camera for a long time do not know. Let's find the solution.

1. The meaning of light signal:

Have you ever wondered what the light signals on the camera mean? With the Paper Shoot camera, each LED position has a different meaning.

  • Both LEDs flash blue once

Both LEDs flash blue once

When you press the shutter button, both LEDs flash blue once, indicating that the camera is shooting and the image has been successfully saved to the memory card. At the same time, the camera also emits a shutter sound. You should hold the camera until the light goes out to get the sharpest picture!

  • The left LED flashes

If only the blue light on the left flashes, your camera has a problem with the SD card. Check out the guide below to know how to fix it!

The left LED flashes

  • The right LED flashes

It shows that the battery is low. You can still take pictures but possibly fail to access photos successfully to the memory card. To know how to fix it, please move to the battery problems section below.

The right LED flashes

  • The red LED