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For those who love photography, Paper Shoot camera is a companion with many unique features, expressing each person's individual personality. With the advantages of being compact, durable, convenient and user-friendly, Paper Shoot camera is increasingly winning the hearts of young people. However, sometimes there are errors with Paper Shoot camera results from the battery or memory card.

Paper Shoot camera

This blog will show you how to fix a few common errors that even those who have used Paper Shoot camera for a long time do not know. Let's find the solution.

1. The meaning of light signal:

Have you ever wondered what the light signals on the camera mean? With the Paper Shoot camera, each LED position has a different meaning.

  • Both LEDs flash blue once

Both LEDs flash blue once

When you press the shutter button, both LEDs flash blue once, indicating that the camera is shooting and the image has been successfully saved to the memory card. At the same time, the camera also emits a shutter sound. You should hold the camera until the light goes out to get the sharpest picture!

  • The left LED flashes

If only the blue light on the left flashes, your camera has a problem with the SD card. Check out the guide below to know how to fix it!

The left LED flashes

  • The right LED flashes

It shows that the battery is low. You can still take pictures but possibly fail to access photos successfully to the memory card. To know how to fix it, please move to the battery problems section below.

The right LED flashes

  • The red LED

Batteries are inserted reversely

It is a sign that the batteries are inserted reversely. Please follow the polarity direction shown by the battery tube.

2. Battery problem

One of the reasons why your camera does not work well is due to a low battery or a damaged battery. Some of the problems you could encounter are:

  • Keeps taking photos

  • The right LED flashes

  • The camera is not responding at all

  • Fail to charge batteries

The correct direction of batteries


To fix these errors, you should charge the batteries. The yellow LED inside the device will light up and only turn off when the batteries are fully charged.

If you cannot charge the batteries, remove both batteries and connect the camera to a power bank. Make sure that the power is turned on and the color filter switch is in the first mode. Then press the shutter button to check. If the camera work well, please replace the batteries with new rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

Why use rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries can be recharged many times, this saves costs because there is no need to change batteries constantly. In addition, the use of rechargeable batteries helps to protect the environment by reducing the number of batteries discharged into the environment.

However, sometimes the batteries that you just bought from the store may already be in a "low battery" condition. This can happen due to time, sunlight, temperature, etc. Therefore, when you buy new rechargeable batteries, you should charge batteries to ensure it works well and get the sharpest pictures.

3. Memory card problem

In addition to errors caused by the batteries, your camera can also encounter errors coming from the memory card. This is a fairly common problem that causes the most trouble for users because you may lose all the pictures you have taken if the SD card has problem. You can recognize it by some signs such as:

  • The left blue light flashes

  • Can not access the pictures

  • Can only take pictures when charging batteries


To fix such problems, you should make sure that the memory card is unlocked and inserted in the correct direction. You should also clean the memory card and the card slot to make sure that dirt does not interfere with their contact.

Unlock the memory card

If these are not your issues, remove the battery and use only the power bank, then take a picture with the first color filter. If only the left LED is flashing lights, reformat the memory card and try again.

It is recommended that you format the memory card to FAT32 (Windows) or exFAT (Macbook). If you do not know how to format a memory card, you can watch this video.

Before formatting the card, make sure the pictures on your card are safely stored in another location because formatting the memory card may cause data loss.

In addition, the memory card could be damaged if the environment is wet, too hot, or dusty. In that case, you just need to replace a new memory card (under 128GB for 18MP cameras and less than 64GB for 16MP cameras). Make sure you unlock and format the memory card before using it!

4. How to protect Paper Shoot camera?

The errors of the camera are what cause a lot of inconvenience to users. However, you can minimize the possibility of errors by protecting your camera by following these suggestions:

  • Regularly charge the camera battery (especially before and after shooting)

  • Keep the lens clean

  • Do not subject to excessive vibration force or pressure

  • Do not expose to any form of water

  • Do not expose to fire or extreme heat

In this blog, we have brought you important information about some errors in the process of using the Paper Shoot camera. We hope this article will help you answer the question and have a better experience with Paper Shoot camera.

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