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  • Does the camera have a lens?
    CROZ series cameras have 2 lenses: Wide angle lens and fisheye lens. Other products do not have an extra lens (the standard wide-angle lens is available).
  • How to protect the lens
    Use camera bag to protect the lens. Use a dry cloth to clean when the lens is dusty.
  • Resolution
    18 Mega-pixel CMOS
  • What type of rechargeable battery does the camera use?
    The camera uses 3A rechargeable battery. You can charge from 2 to 3 hours to take the sharpest photos.
  • How many pictures can be taken per charge?
    About 200 pictures
  • What does a camera set include?
    - 1 Camera Board - 1 Case - 1 Paper Strap - 1 USB type C cable - 2 plastic & 2 brass fasteners Free 8GB memory card + 2 AAA rechargeable batteries
  • How do I access my photo
    You can access your photos by plugging either your SD card or USB type C cable directly into your computer or through an adapter, or you can use a WIFI SD card to transfer your photos wirelessly.
  • How do I take a video and a timelapse video
    To take a video on your Paper Shoot, plug it into a portable charger, switch to the third filter, and press the shutter button. It will take a 10-second video! To take a timelapse, repeat the same steps but switch to the fourth filter. Let your camera take photos for 30 minutes for a 10 second timelapse!
  • Caution
    Keep the lens clean Avoid low lighting for better picture quality Hold steady while taking night photos If you keep using camera in Low battery, the pictures in SD card might be fail Shaking creates blurry images Do not subject to excessive vibration force or pressure Do not expose to any form of water Do not expose to fire or extreme heat Do not attempt to disassemble or tamper with the circuit board or lens Choking hazard, contains small parts, not safe for children under 3 yrs
  • Let me know some information about Paper Shoot camera with direct consultant.
    Connecting with consultant….. Please fill the form above to connect consultant as soon as possible. Or you can contact 0783438986 (Mr. Thinh), 0798652727 (Ms. Phuong Anh) and 0869280716 (Hotline).
  • Technical assistance.
    If you use the camera for a long time, you may experience some battery and memory card problems. Paper Shoot gives you some solutions when you have problems using the camera related to the battery and memory card. In case you do not get the above errors, please leave a message so that the Paper Shoot team can assist you as soon as possible.
  • Cooperate with Paper Shoot Vietnam.
    Thank you for contacting Paper Shoot Vietnam team. Paper Shoot Vietnam has been, is and will continue to cooperate with local artists, domestic and foreign businesses. To discuss more details about cooperation, please contact us via email
  • My camera keeps taking photos
    This indicates a low battery. If you are not using rechargeable batteries, please switch to rechargeable batteries. If you already are using rechargeable batteries, please charge them by plugging your camera into a portable charger or an outlet over night. Left LED light: Problem with the SD Card Right LED light: Problem with the batteries Both LED lights: Problem with the batteries
  • My camera is flashing lights
    Left LED light: Problem with the SD Card Right LED light: Problem with the batteries Both LED lights: Problem with the battery
  • My photos come out blurry
    Please ensure you remove the sticker that is placed on the camera lens. If you are using the Micro/Macro lens and your photos are blurry, this is because this lens is meant for close up shots of only a couple inches away from the subject. If you take photos from further away it will be blurry and out of focus.
  • Error Indicators on the camera
    - Error noise & left side LED light flashing: SD Card Issue - Error noise & right side LED light flashing: Low Battery - Both LED lights flashing: Low Battery - Continuous shutter sound / Continuous photos being taken: Low Battery. - SD Card Not Showing Images: Formatting SD Card Issue
  • How to format an SD card
    - Restart your computer - Make sure SD card is not locked - Format to this if Windows Format to this is Apple
  • The camera can only take pictures while the battery is charging
    If you encounter this problem, remove the battery and use only the power bank, then take a picture with the first color filter. If only the left LED is flashing lights, reformat the memory card and try again.
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