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PAPER SHOOT – A innovative, digital camera originally established in Taiwan.

Since 2013, Paper Shoot launched our PAPER CAMERA to the market. We want to connect people again by with unique design, just like the famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt said: "It's more important to click with people than to click the shutter”.

"Point & Shoot, Less is more" is our main concept of our branding. So we make the most simple and beautiful camera and combine with fashion, eco-friendly and charity into this lifestyle digital camera.

PaperShoot has been on a mission to protect our world by distributing environmentally sustainable products. Using heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder we save trees, prevent pollution, and provide a more durable and water resistant digital camera.

The switchable and editable PaperShoot camera case provides people with a fun and unique digital photography experience that’s tailor-made for the individual, brands, or special events. The camera’s two-switch, minimalistic design makes the PaperShoot camera extremely user-friendly while still including cool photo filters and terrific lens options making sure creativity isn’t compromised.

Our brand vision is to inspire fun, creativity, and care for our planet through a unique digital photography experience that allows you to connect with your subject like the old days. Combining our passion for photography and a brighter future for our world with cutting-edge technology we bring you the world's most innovative, sustainable digital camera.

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It's important to know that Paper Shoot Camera is only authorized to distribute in Vietnam through different sale channels of Green Innovative Creation Technology limited (GICT | BIN: 0316135998). 

GICT is a local business that was created to pursue the mission of creating an ecological economy in Vietnam, whereas consumer products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and creative. Our highlight product is Paper Shoot Camera.


Our authorized responsibilities allow GICT to deliver the best customer experience to Paper Shoot's Customer in Vietnam. In which, we are only present our most up-to-date camera generation (the 5th with functions that enable time-lapse and video recorder).  Our Paper Shoot's Customer will have the privilege to have our customer supports and product warranty, read more here. 

Especially, we are highly engaging with our Paper Shooter and connect the community together for a greater sharing experience that influenced by eco-friendly and community purposes.

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