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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Another Christmas season is approaching, a time when everyone gathers together and gives each other meaningful gifts. Not just a gift, we exchange our best wishes and feelings. So this Christmas, what's new for you, Paper Shoot?

Gifts such as teddy bears, candles, and cards are so familiar, you are looking for a unique gift? Then Paper Shoot's new version 18MP will be a suggestion for a special gift for those you love. The upgraded camera comes with many more interesting features and will make an impressive gift to give.

The improved version of the 18MP Paper Shoot camera lets you capture moments at the touch of a button with nostalgic photos. An eco-friendly camera, compact size, and unique camera case to suit any style, the 18MP Paper Shoot camera will make a super special gift this Christmas.

The camera cases remain the same but the camera board is updated.

What is new with the Paper Shoot 18MP?

  • With 18MP resolution, this series gives you a clearer picture and video quality even when shooting at a distance or in low light conditions.

  • Besides, this improved version of Paper Shoot can be compatible with large-capacity SD cards (up to 128GB) to help you store more photos and videos.

  • The connection port has also been changed from micro USB to USB type C - a new type of connection that is more durable and compatible with many devices, transferring data at higher speeds.

  • Movie mode is also upgraded to unlimited (when used with a dedicated accessory).

With a variety of updated functions, this special camera will capture your memorable moment for Christmas. Pre-order now for many promotions!


  1. Pre-order time: start from November 14th, 2022 to 23h59 November 30th, 2022.

  2. Estimated delivery time: start from December 12th, 2022.

  3. Pre-order promotions:

    • Get a 10% discount.

    • Free SD card and a pair of batteries.

    • Free shipping.


Please follow these steps to place your pre-order:

  • Step 1: Visit

  • Step 2: Add your favorite camera to the cart and fill in the information to pre-order at the shopping cart page.

  • Step 3: After receiving a successful order email, please transfer at least 50% when pre-ordering via Paper Shoot's account below.

Hoang Ngoc Anh

Account number: 26010000919998

Ngân hàng đầu tư và phát triển Việt Nam BIDV - CN Ba Dinh - TP Ha Noi

*Please include in the transaction note your order number (#xxxx) and your full name.

  • Step 4: Paper Shoot’s team will confirm the information and send you a notice of the product journey through a phone call.


  • Paper Shoot will not refund the deposit if the customer violates one of the following:

-Customers change their minds and decide not to purchase.

-Customers fail to transfer the 2nd payment within the specified time.

  • Delivery time will be reasonably estimated. Paper Shoot’s team will notify the delivery time directly to the customer via phone or email.

  • A completed order is an order that has been transferred with a deposit of 50% of your order value and confirmed via email.

  • If customers have any questions about the Pre-order program or want to check the status of their transactions, please contact Paper Shoot Vietnam via Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s take this 18MP Paper Shoot camera to capture your special Christmas!

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