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PAPER SHOOT: The Creation Journey Of Eco-friendly Camera & Our Philosophy

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

PAPER SHOOT – An innovative, digital camera originally established from Taiwan since 2013.

7 years ago, Paper Shoot launched our 1st Digital Camera that made stone paper to the market. We want to connect people again by our unique design, just like the famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt said - “It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter”.

(To read this article in Vietnamese, please click here| Đọc bài chia sẻ bằng tiếng Việt, tại đây).

Paper Shoot Camera made by cork (eco-friendly materials and often used in wine bottling)

Throughout the journey of perfecting Paper Shoot, we have found out that Millennials and our upcoming generations (Gen Z) share a great love for the environment, an amazing sense of fashion and a passion to search for genuine moments of their lives. Ever since, "Point & Shoot + Less is more" became our main concepts in R&D. Today, we are honored to have the most simple and fashionable digital camera combined with eco-friendliness and our effort in developing charity activities into this lifestyle.

Paper Shoot Camera: World Lead Eco-friendly Camera | Digital + Lomography + Eco-friendly = Paper Shoot

PaperShoot has bravely brought on a mission to protect earth by distributing environmentally sustainable products to a heavy Polycarbonate influenced industry, which is known as The chemical made by petroleum that never biogrades and leaches into the environment causing significant damage. By using heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder we save trees, prevent pollutions, and provide a more durable and water resistant digital camera. Furthermore, Rechargeable batteries are given out with each purchase in Vietnam to reduce alkaline batteries waste.

Paper Shoot Camera: 5th Generation with functions that enable time-lapse and video recorder along with 4 classic filters
Features of Paper Shoot Camera

The switchable and editable case of PaperShoot camera provides a fun and unique digital photography experience that’s tailor-made for the individual, brands, or special events. The camera’s two-switch, minimalistic design makes the PaperShoot camera extremely user-friendly while still including cool photo filters and terrific lens options making sure creativity isn’t compromised.

Our brand vision is to inspire fun, creativity, and care for our planet through a unique digital photography experience that allows you to connect with your subject like the old days. Combining our passion for photography and a brighter future for our world with cutting-edge technology we bring you the world's most innovative, sustainable digital camera.

Guide on how to assemble Paper Shoot Camera:

Green Living Lifestyle of Paper Shooters:

Official Paper Shoot Website In Vietnam:


Paper Shoot is A global-recognized brand:

2019 - Red Dot brand and communication Design Award

2019 - German Design Award and Taiwan Excellence

2018 - Red Dot communication Design Award

2018 - A’Design Award/ Winner 2018/ Silver, Italy

2018 - Taiwan Excellence and Golden Pin Design Award

2017 - Design Intelligence Award (DIA) and Design for Aisa Award(DFA)

2017 - Taiwan Excellence and Golden Pin Design Award

2017 - Discover of the month in M&O Paris

2016 - Best Startup Company – The award from Economic Department of Taiwan

2015 - Golden Pin Design Award, Cultural and Creative Award

2015 - 2014 - GlobalTIC Best CEO and GlobalTIC Runner-Up Award

2014 - 100 Innovative Product Award

2013 – First Prize of Cultural Value-adding Expert Race, Taiwan Ministry of Culture

2013 - The Sixth Cross-Strait Cultural Industries Fair, Arts and Crafts Awards – Gold Award of Excellence

Media Featured of Paper Shoot's One-of-a-kind Innovation for Digital Camera Industry

Partnership With Corporate and Creative Leaders In Vietnam

More personal than a t-shirt or pen, your customized PaperShoot camera is fun, unique, sustainable and displays your brand leaving a memorable impression on your employees, customers, and colleagues.

Harnessing the most modern technology combined with the expertise of top designers, your PaperShoot camera can be as quirky and eye-catching as you please.

Previous Corporate Partnerships and Creative Leaders In The World

Contact us now at and we’ll help you create the perfect customized PaperShoot camera that will promote your company perfectly within 15 working days.


*Note: In Vietnam, It's important to know that Paper Shoot Camera is solely authorized to distribute by Green Innovative Creation Technology limited (GICT).

GICT is a local business that was created to pursue the mission of creating an ecological economy in Vietnam, whereas consumer products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and creative. Our highlight product is Paper Shoot Camera.

The authorized responsibilities allow GICT to deliver the best customer experience to Paper Shooters. In which, we are only presenting the most up-to-date camera generation from Paper Shoot (the 5th with functions that enable time-lapse and video recorder along with 4 filters). Paper Shooters in Vietnam will have the privilege to enjoy our customer support and product warranty, promotions and other interactive activities.

Thank You For Reading & Feel Free To Message Us For More Any Suggestion on Collaboration!

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