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World's First Eco-friendly Camera Take Film-like Photos

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    Card Reader R500
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    Micro SD Card
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    SSD Portable SL200
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    1. Open the camera case up and insert the camera board into the three holes located in the center. Ensure the lens on the camera board is aligned with the lens on the camera case.

    2. Insert 2 x Rechargeable batteries for power (No zinc-carbon batteries).

    3. Fold up the front of the camera case, making sure the lens fits correctly.

    4. Align the camera strap hole to the hole located at the top of the camera.

    5. Insert a screw and fastener into each hole and twist them together to secure.

    6. Insert an SD card (not included) into the right side of the camera.


    We provide 6 months warranty for Paper Shoot cameras from your invoice issued date. 



    4 filters: Classic, B&W, Sepia, Blue

    2 add-on (when connected to power bank)

    • Time-Lapse (3rd mode)

    • 1440p 10sec Video Recorder with background music (4th mode)


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    Paper Shoot Camera x @Convecho

    Convecho is an illustrator.

    Her paintings always bring positive energy and meaning. 

    Instagram: @convecho

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